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Mobile Massage Vancouver

Enjoy all the benefits of massage therapies in the safety of wherever you are. 

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Enjoy a massage from our EnVie Ladies in the safety of wherever you are.

60 min


90 min


120 min



Swedish Relaxation

Customize your massage from light to medium pressure and melt your tensions away. Excellent for stress release, blood circulation, and assist with lymphatic drainage.


Deep Tissue

A fusion of Eastern and Western healing with strong pressure massage and acupressure points throughout the body. A great option for active women with strains and sports issues.


Pregnancy Massage

Relieve lower back pain, reduce swelling hands and feet, increase circulation for you and the baby, and most importantly, get good quality sleep. Our certified prenatal massage therapists will use a similar technique to a Swedish relaxation massage and ensure that both mother and baby are safe and comfortable.

Senior Ladies Massage (65+)

Customize your massage pressure with a Swedish relaxation massage to increase circulation and flexibility, reduce joint inflammation, relieve anxieties, reduce stress, and improve balance and posture.


Professional, experienced and always on time!

I have been a client of Envie Mobile Massage in Vancouver for 5 years and have recommended many friends and associates to Envie. Professional, experienced and importantly for me, always on time!

Kate Proudfoot

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EnVie Mobile Massage Vancouver


The EnVie Experience Delivered Right to Your Door 

Exclusively for Women

EnVie Mobile Massage Vancouver has been in business since 2007. EnVie means “wish” and “desire”, a wish to make a difference and the desire to be beautiful forever.

It’s only natural for a woman to wish for a beautiful, healthy body and mind. Live your desires with EnVie Mobile Massage Vancouver. The EnVie Experience is convenient, nurturing, sensory, and uplifting, all delivered to your door. We offer uniquely tailored massage options for Women, and we only use 100% natural essential oils. Step back, slow down, and relax into a tranquil meditation.

Retreat from the hustle and bustle of life and enter into your feminine passions and creative imagination. Live in the moment and stir up your senses with diffused aromatherapy, music, and candlelight. We bring the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and diversity to your door.

Our Mission

To unite Women and deliver Diamond-Star massage experiences to Women in the safety of their space and create a platform that nurtures and cares for our Therapists and Business Partners to empower them to do the same for our cherished Clients.


We look forward to hearing from you

Phone: 604-418-3373

Email: info@EnVieMobileMassage.com

Website: EnVieMobileMassage.com



EnVie Mobile Massage has positions available:




Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

EnVie Mobile Massage

Vancouver DT, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, East Vancouver Burnaby, Richmond, Kitsilano, Point Grey

Who we are:

  • EnVie Mobile Massage has been in business since 2007. EnVie means “wish” and “desire”, a wish to make a difference and the desire to be beautiful forever.
  • Our mission is to unite Women and deliver Diamond-Star massage experiences to Women in the safety of their space. In addition, we believe in creating a platform that nurtures and cares for our Therapists and Business Partners to empower them to do the same for our cherished Clients.
  • ​​Join our 5-star mobile massage therapy and wellness organization to serve Women wherever they are.
  • Work with passionate and emotionally intelligent Women who are committed to supporting the health and well-being of Women.
  • EnVie has access to the best available talent who has a heart of gold, and our Clients reap the benefits of what Women can offer.
  • Be a part of a diverse group of Women who bring various modalities, cultures, and life paths that enhance the EnVie experience.
  • Enjoy creating a flexible work schedule and autonomy that aligns with your professional and family life.
  • EnVie creates opportunities to train, develop, retain, promote, and celebrate our valued Therapists and Business Partners. After all, you are important to us, and we wish for you to have #joblove.
  • Earn equitable compensation, up to $194 + tips per appointment.
  • Incentive programs, easy booking processes, and a Client feedback system are all provided.


What role do you play in the EnVie world:

  • You can multi-task and multi-focus to create a healthy work-life balance.
  • You understand that work is not everything, and the value of self-care and participating in non-work-related activities is essential to your well-being.
  • You can relate through the feminine touch, intuition, empathy, and compassion because you are focused on individuals and their needs.
  • Your willingness for constructive communication and receiving feedback makes you a great listener.
  • You are eager to improve your career prospects and potentially become a Franchise Partner, and own your own EnVie business.
  • You check in with us often and help us improve together by giving authentic feedback.
  • You are a representative and influencer that advocates for Women.
  • You are a brilliant problem solver because you have a gift for excellent communication and networking skills.
  • You have exceptional organizational skills, work ethics, and acute attention to detail.
  • You have diversity in your knowledge of health, well-being, and beauty.
  • You are a team player and understand that Women stand stronger together when they share ideas, have one another’s backs, and give advice.
  • You deal with challenging situations with a smile because the glass is always half-full rather than half-empty.
  • You inspire and motivate Team Members so that everyone shows up being the best version of themselves.

What we’re looking for:

  • Full-time Employment (flexible schedule)
  • RMT (Registered) current professional licenses with the CMTBC
  • CMT (Non-registered, but certified)
  • Professional Liability Insurance/Coverage
  • CPR and First Aid certified preferred
  • Valid driver’s license with a vehicle

We appreciate the time and commitment the recruitment process demands. Thank you for taking a chance on EnVie Mobile Massage. Interviews will only be for those qualified for the role.

Job summary:

  • Provide Diamond-Star massage services for clients at their homes, offices, or hotels.
  • Get to know everything about your client pre-visit and read their Intake Form. Research more about their issues, ailments, pains, wishes, and desires, and blueprint a customized treatment for each Client.
  • Arrive at appointments at least 15 minutes early to set the table, candlelight, music, and diffused aromatherapy.
  • Greet Clients with your beautiful smile and thank them for choosing EnVie. Introduce yourself with pride that you are a representative of Women.
  • Describe the treatment that they have booked for, contraindications, allergies, wish and desires.
  • Maintain Client records and intake forms in compliance with CMTBC standards.
  • Maintain cleanliness and strictly follow health and safety protocols throughout the session.
  • Ensure that all uniforms and your beautiful self are clean and professional.
  • Frequently check in with Clients with professional language to ensure comfort and expectations are met throughout the service. The best massage is when the Client opens a dialogue to precisely what they want.
  • Have fun, laugh, be yourself, and ensure that your client feels that this is all created for them.
  • Promote bookings and writing reviews is essential with every treatment.
  • Report any injuries, emergencies, and unsafe working platforms to managers so that policies and processes can be changed and improved.

Keeping You Safe

  • The health and safety of EnVie Therapists, Clients, and Business Partners are our priority. Therefore, COVID-19 protocols and guidelines are enforced daily.




  • Monday 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Tuesday 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Wednesday 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Thursday 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Friday 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Saturday 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Sunday 10:00AM - 8:00PM